Sea Run Brown Trout fishing

Sea Run Browns – Save up to $2600!

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We are making it easier to afford fishing the amazing Rio Grande for big Sea Run Brown Trout. We are currently offering major savings on select weeks at Kau Tapen Lodge and Villa Maria Lodge. Anglers can save on average $1000 and on some weeks up to $2600.

These specially priced weeks are only available at Fly Fishing Patagonia.

Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more!

Marcott Dorado 6a

Fishing and hunting report, Esquina, Corrientes

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Our season in Esquina started off with an abundance of water and unfortunately the rains continued through much of May, dampening the Dorado fishing, scattering the ducks and making it difficult to access our dove fields.  Despite the conditions, guests experienced some excellent hunts but not every day like we normally see in May.
Marcott Ducka

Rains subsided in June and conditions returned to normal. But July was hot, too hot! This had minor effects on our duck hunts, no effects on the dove but changed the normal timing of our perdiz hunts. Since dogs do not hunt well in hot temperatures, we hunted Perdiz in the cooler mornings and shot dove or ducks in the afternoons. While not the preferred schedule, our guests did not seem to mind as most hunters limited out or got close to it. But it goes without saying that hunting in temperatures lower than 75 is more comfortable.

The mid 80’s temperatures in July did bring a nice bonus, Awesome Dorado Fishing!  This was the hot spell we tell our booking hunters about; “fishing is slow in the dead of winter but a hot spell will turn them on strong.” The fishing was so good in Late July that a couple groups opted to fish more instead of hunt and we heard comments like “my best day fishing ever!”
Marcott Dorado 5

Our current guests are experiencing perfect weather and limiting out on ducks every session. With favorable conditions forecasted for the next 10 days we foresee the season ending with a strong finish.

Give us call to discuss your next sporting adventure in Argentina!

Patterson ducks first day

Sea Run Brown Fishing Argentian

Peak Sea Run Brown weeks still available!

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Peak Sea Run Brown weeks are still available at all lodges. We are surprised to see this many great weeks still up for grabs for the 2018 season. Remember, if you cannot commit now, at least hold a week in tentative today until you can confirm.  Check out available dates below and drop us a line.

Kau Tapen Lodge –  $9,595 plus $450 licenses
Jan 6-13             4 rods
Jan 20-27           3 rods
Feb 3-10             3 rods
Feb 10-17           3 rods
Feb 17-24           2 rods
Feb 24 Mar 3     3 rods
Mar 10-17          2 rods   DEAL! with both rods

Villa Maria Lodge  –  $10,595 plus $450 licenses
Jan 5-12             3 rods   DEAL!  with three rods
Feb 23-Mar 2     1 rod
Mar 2-9             3 rods
Mar 9-16           6 rods  DEAL!  with four rods

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge $6,900
Jan 6- 13             6 rods
Feb 10- 17          3 rods
Feb 24-Mar 3     1 rod
Mar 3-10            2 rods

La Villa Lodge at EMB  $7,900
Feb 17- 24            1 rod
Mar 10-17            4 rods
Mar 24- 31           4 rods   DEAL!  $6,320
Mar 31-Apr  7      6 rods  ​ DEAL!  $6,320

Buitreras Lodge $5,990
Dec 29-Jan 6       6 rods
Jan 6-13               7 rods
Jan 13-20             10 rods
Jan 20-27             4 rods
Feb 17-24             4 rods
Feb 24-Mar 3      10 rods
Mar 3-10              10 rods
Mar 10-17            10 rods
Apr 7-14               10 rods  DEAL!  $4990

Despedida Lodge  – $6,200
Dec 30-Jan 6        6 rods
Jan 6-13                6 rods
Feb 24-Mar 3        5 rods
Mar 10-17              3 rods
Mar 31-Apr 7         6 rods

Worlds End Lodge
Dec 15-22            4 rods  DEAL!   $5,790
Dec 22-29            4 rods  DEAL!   $5,790 
Dec 29-Jan 5        4 rods  DEAL!   $5,790 
Jan 12-19             1 rod    $6,290
Feb 16-23            2 rods   $6,290
Feb 23-Mar 2      4 rods   $6,290
Mar 2-9               4 rods   DEAL!  $5,790 
Mar 9-16             4 rods   DEAL!  $5,790
Mar 16-23           4 rods   DEAL!  $5,790

La Villa de Maria Behety Lodge19lr

Small groups save on big Sea Runs!

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Small groups of 4-6 anglers can save $400 per person when they book a Sea Run Brown fishing trip.  Enjoy a world class fishing experience at a reduced rate!  See details below and contact us today!

Sea Run Brown Trout Fishing

Sea Run Browns

The Grande, Gallegos and Irigoyen Rivers of Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz, Argentina offer the best Sea Run Brown Trout fishing in the world.  With increasing annual returns, catch rates at 2.75 fish/day, average weights of 10.6 lbs and fish reaching 33 lb, nothing compares. These rivers offer anglers the greatest chances of landing a 20+ pound Brown Trout.  Anglers will spend 7 nights/6 days at one of the 7 lodges which range from small, family owned, to traditional working estancias to 5 star luxurious accommodations.   Each lodge has renowned international guides, a professional chef, miles of private water and a high repeat clientele.  Demand for rod space is fierce but anglers booking now for next season have good chances of finding peak weeks.

Remarkable catches from 2017 were:
-In 6 days, 11 anglers landed 197 fish
-Big Fish: 30, 28.5, 28, 26, 25 pounds
-In 6 days, 6 anglers landed 110 fish
-Same 20 lb hen landed twice in 10 minutes
-One morning, 2 anglers landed 10 fish
-One lodge hooked 1971 fish total
-30 lb fish landed on single handed rod, floating line and trout tippet
-26 lb hen followed by a 14lb steelhead.

SUPER DEAL !   FREE services in Buenos Aires!
Book any lodge and get 1 night at a 5-star hotel and 3 transfers in Buenos Aires FREE!  Save up to $400/angler!
(Groups of 2 or more anglers.  Excludes Worlds End Lodge. Offer ends July 1, 2017)

Check out available Sea Run Brown Trout weeks and give us a call today! 888-486-8972

Estancia Despedida 
Dec 30-Jan 6  (6 rods),  Jan 6-13  (6 rods),  Mar 10-17  ( 2 rods),  Mar 17-24 (1 rod)

Villa Maria Lodge 
Jan 5-12  (4 rods),  Mar 2-9  (5 rods),  Mar 9-16  (4 rods),  Mar 16-24  (6 rods)

Kau Tapen Lodge 

Jan 6-13  (6 rods),  Jan 20-27  (4 rods),  Jan 27 Feb 3  (2 rods), Feb 3-10  (6 rods),  Feb 17-24  (4 rods), Mar 10-17  (8 rods), Mar 17-24  (8 rods)

Las Buitreras Lodge
Dec 30-Jan 6   (12 rods),  Jan 6-13  (8 rods),  Jan 13-20  (10 rods),  Jan 20-27   (2 rods),  Jan 27-Feb 3  (5 rods),  Feb 10-17  (2 rods),  Feb 17-24   (5 rods),  Feb 24-Mar 3   (10 rods),  Mar 3-10  (10 rods),  Mar 10-17  (10 rod),  Mar 17-24  (2 rods),  Mar 24-31  (1 rod),  Mar 31-Apr 7    (8 rods), Mar 31-Apr 7   (10 rods),  Apr 7-14  (10 rods)

Estancia Maria Behety 
Dec 23-30   (12 rods),  Dec 30–Jan 6   (12 rods), Jan 6-13  (6 rods),  Jan 27-Feb 3   (3 rod),  Feb 10-17   (2 rods),  Feb 17-24   (2 rod),  Feb 24-Mar 3   (2 rod), Mar 03-10   (1 rod),  Mar 10-17   (6 rods),  Mar 17-24   (6 rods),  Mar 31-Apr 7   (12 rods)

La Villa at EMB
Dec 23-30,   (6 rods), Dec 30-Jan 6   (6 rods),  Feb 17-24   (1 rod),  Mar 10-17   (2 rods),  Mar 24-31  (2 rods),   Mar 31-Apr 7   (6 rods)

Worlds’ End Lodge
Dec 15-22  (4 rods),  Dec 22-29   (4 rods),  Dec 29–Jan 5  (4 rods),  Jan 12-19   (1 rod),  Jan 26–Feb 2    (4 rods),  Feb 2-9   (2 rods),  Feb 16-23   (2 rods),  Feb 23–Mar 2   (2 rods),  Mar 2-9   (4 rods),
Mar 9-16  (4 rods),  Mar 16-23  (4 rods)

Or call:  888-486-8972

potillen lodge18lr

Small groups save big in Patagonia

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For a limited time, small groups of 4-6 anglers can save $400-$500 per person when they book either our Expedition/Lodge Combo or a Sea Run Brown fishing trip.  Both adventures are widely popular and guarantee an unforgettable, world class fishing experience.  See details below and contact us today!

Expedition/Lodge Combo

Trout Fishing Argentina

The ultimate fishing trip combines a multi-day wilderness float with fine lodging. Possibly our most popular trip, our Expedition/Lodge Combo combines the adventure of deluxe camping and superior fly fishing in Patagonia’s back country with the luxury and culture of a private, 4-5 star lodge.  Your customized adventure will have you fishing Patagonia’s best trout rivers at their peak time.
After 3 nights, 4 days floating, fishing and camping on the river, anglers will spend 4 nights at a comfortable lodge with private water, sophistication, fine cuisine and warm hospitality. While our lodges are outstanding, the multi-day float trip is usually the highlight, creating the fondest, longest-lasting memories. Perhaps it’s the long fishing days, the awe of Patagonia’s wilderness, the laughs and bond between angler and guide or the rhythm of the river.  Either way, we guarantee that a year later you’ll either still be talking about it or doing it again.

SUPER DEAL #1 !   Free flights!
Book a 8 night/7 day Expedition/Lodge Combo and we’ll include round trip domestic flights from Buenos Aires.  Save up to $510/angler!
(Group of 4 or 6 anglers only, offer ends July 1, 2017)

SUPER DEAL #2 !   November Savings!
During the entire month of November, book a 7 or 8 night Expedition/Lodge Combo and save!
15% OFF groups of 2
20% OFF groups of 4 or 6
(Arrival days set to Saturday.  Offer ends July 1, 2017)