Kau Tapen Fishing Report 1/7-14/17

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January 7 – 14, 2017 

Kau Tapen Lodge on the Rio Grande kicks off its 33rd season this year. Over the years the river has changed somewhat, with the meandering stream cutting through the valley’s soft gravel, pools the currents are often changing. New lies for the fish constantly opening up; others magically disappearing. Having said that, the 2016 winter in Terra Del Fuego was a soft one. It left us with a similar system to last year, but certainly the odd new spot. With very little snow in the headwaters, run-off has been next to nil and the river is currently low and clear. Regardless, we’ve been finding fresh, aggressive fish. If anything, the low water has channeled them up allowing us to cover them with ease.

The fish arrived in good numbers about two days before the first group arrived. While the guides were scouting the river checking old pools and looking for anything new, they relayed these reports. Sure enough, we saw good results throughout Week 1.

Guests included experienced sea-trout anglers and a few first-timers. Everyone caught fish. Bill was our top rod of the week, an experienced fisherman with good knowledge of Kau Tapen’s water. Larry’s first day began with any fisherman’s dream…. He was in Dead Guanaco with our head guide, Gaston. Second cast Larry hooked into a fresh hen weighing in at 18 lbs. The fish put on a circus-like show, cartwheeling down the pool. After a few minutes the fish was safely in the net. Of course after a quick picture and the release Larry proceeded back to the same spot to continue on the fishing the pool. One cast later the line went tight and the reel began to sing for the second time, another great fresh fish weighing in at 15 lbs. A flying start to the week so well done by Larry.

The majority of the fish this week were all caught on floating lines with sinking or intermediate tips. And heavier tips are unnecessary due to the low-water conditions and warmer water. In other words, fish will move to take the fly. We’ve had a couple nice fish already caught on full floating lines. Air temps have also been tolerable, reaching up to 15 degrees C. and rarely dropping below 10 degrees. We started the week off with very strong winds, gusting up to 75 km. The guests did exceptionally will to stick at it and they were ultimately rewarded for their efforts.

The average size fish for the week was 9.8 lbs. In addition to landing a good number of fish we also had plenty of hook-ups that sadly didn’t make it to the net. Heaviest sea-run brown of the week was David’s fresh 19 pounder, a beautiful pepper-spotted bar of silver.

Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a fun team and we had some excellent fishing! So far conditions look good for the upcoming week.

Toby Burrell
Guide at Kau Tapen Lodge

Villa Maria Sea Trout Filming

Villa Maria Sea Run Brown Report 1/6-13/17

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January 6 – 13, 2017

Welcome to Villa María Lodge 2017! You’ve likely heard that the season started with some skinny water levels across Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Flows on the Rio Grande were no exception. Most fishermen who chase anadromous species know what that means: tough fishing and smaller returns of fish come to mind. We had similar concerns but when we started exploring we were surprised to see fish everywhere. Strong, powerful, spotless sea-run browns that despite the summer-like conditions keep pouring in.

Without a major spring run-off, the river’s structure including its major pools and runs remains similar to last year. Fish are moving fast and an empty pool in the morning will often have rolling and taking fish by the afternoon.

Weather has been mild, with some light wind and daily showers (but not high or strong enough in the headwaters to bump the river level). Thanks to calm days combined with low, clear water, we’ve been putting the single-handed rods matched with floating lines (mostly) to good use. We’ve also been fishing smaller and lighter flies. Classic prince patterns, sunray shadows, and green machines have been the top producers.

Largest fish of the week: 20 lbs.
Fish over 15 lbs: 14

New Video!  – Portillen Lodge

New Video! – Portillen Lodge

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Check out our new video of Portillen Lodge and read more about it on our Portillen Lodge website page.


Maria Behety Lodge Fishing Report- Jan 7-9, 2017

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January 7 – 14, 2017 
By Federico Molinolo, Head Guide

Great fishing! Total fish landed for the week was 136 fish, of which 43 were over 15 pounds and 3 sea-trout over 20 pounds.  The average weight of fish landed was 12 pounds.  It was a very nice group of people and very good fisherman.

Top rod of the week was David with 31 fish to the net, his biggest 19 pounds.
Jim and Gordon landed the biggest two fish for the week at 22 pounds each.

Water Conditions
Very clear water all week, with some windy days that turned the water cloudy.
Water temperature: 8⁰ – 12⁰ Celsius (46⁰ – 54⁰ Fahrenheit)
Water level: Low, dropping every day.

Weather Conditions
The wind blew west all week, some days strong reaching up to 70 km (43 mph).
Air temperature ranges through the week: we had low temperatures during the week from 5⁰ – 14⁰ Celsius (41⁰ – 57⁰ Fahrenheit).
We didn’t have any rain and the river is dropping.

Fishing Conditions
Flies that are working the best: Nymphs: Emb, wonder bug, Aurelia prince, prince nymph, rubber legs nymphs, green machine and different sizes of sunray shadows. Big flies for the last hour: Leeches and big tube flies.

Fly lines (tips, heads, lengths, densities, etc.): Skagit heads with different lengths of T-14 and T-11. Scandi lines with poly-leaders worked as well.

Federico Molinolo (Head Guide)
Genaro Molinolo
Miguel Angel Zangla
Nauhel Stauch
Marcos Hlace
Exequiel Bustos

Sea Run Brown fishing discounts.  Fishing deals on the Rio Grande 2017

Updated! Discounted Sea Run Brown Trips! 2017

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