Argentina in 2021? Consider this…

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What you should know and consider if you wish to fish Argentina this coming season.

Despite today’s global climate, we are grateful that some anglers are contacting us to plan a trip to Argentina for the 2020-2021 season.  That may sound crazy in our current world of uncertainty, but with many lodges and outfitters offering relaxed payment plans, guaranteed trip rollover credits, and optional “cancel for any reason” travel insurance/protection policies, booking your trip now could be more appealing than previously thought.

Many traveling anglers are still in the “wait and see” mindset, but for those wanting an Argentina fishing adventure to look forward to in 6-10 months from now, here are a few things to consider which should increase your enthusiasm and confidence.

(And hey, even if you don’t pull the trigger it’s a healthy exercise these days.)


Many of our lodge partners fully understand travel uncertainties and have therefore released more flexible payment and cancellation policies with specific terms related to COVID-19.  Some of these policies include:

Liberal Payments/Liberal Due Dates – Many lodges have pushed back payment due dates to give clients more time to pay and shrunk the  It’s simple, book now and pay a small fraction, later. This allows you to hold on to your money longer.

Future Trip Credits – Although most lodges are not offering refunds for trips cancelled due to travel restrictions you will receive a 100% credit toward a future trip (within 12-24 months of original trip dates).

Contact us to learn the specific conditions of the lodge you are interested in.

The lodges implementing the above policy are trying to protect your deposits, yet they cannot cover every single possible scenario.  That is why comprehensive travel insurance should be a part of your trip planning.


Many of you have regrettably learned that your travel insurance policy did not protect you against Covid-19 related cancelations unless your policy included a Cancel for Any Reason rider.  This policy with optional upgrade will cost you about 9% more, but now, it has greater value.

Why?  Because while we are grateful for the lodge’s leniency, unforeseen developments could cause you to lose your deposit if you did not have a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

We sell Global Rescue and recommend their Signature Plus policy that includes the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade. One perk with Global Rescue is you can move your trip dates to the following year and maintain your coverage.   There are several other travel insurance providers you can work with but be sure you purchase a policy that includes “cancel for any reason’ and you read the fine print.

We are always here to help. Reach out to us for any reason.

And stay safe!


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